How to choose the right prize for your sweepstakes

Sweepstakes drawingIt’s clear that many customers need an incentive to fill out a survey (check out our 6 tips here) and if a simple ‘thank you very much’ will not suffice, then adding a sweepstakes can boost your response rates up to ten times more. But be careful — it’s important to craft your prize according to your budget, target audience and company objectives.

What you offer and how you offer it can greatly impact your survey outcome. ugg australia In fact, companies often make the mistake of offering a sweepstakes prize that is liked by everyone, such as an iPad or money. Although this will certainly attract responses, it’s usually better (for you) if the prize is not liked by everyone. If the appeal is too broad, then you up the chance of getting irrelevant responses to your survey, which is why you should strategically base your sweepstakes on your objectives, and the strategic audiences you’d like to reach.

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6 Ways to Get More Customer Feedback

Want to know what your customers are thinking? Customer surveys are a great tool to find out who your best customers are and retain them in the long run. But getting them to participate can be tough.

Seriously, a typical customer feedback survey has just a 5% response rate. So, how do you do better than that, and convince the bulk of your customers to take the time (even five minutes!) to fill out a bunch of questions, especially when they think it won’t do anything for them? In short, convince them that it will.

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What’s new at Innubu: February 2015 product updates

We’re back with some more product updates! Let me walk you through some of the latest features you’ll find. You can also check out  last month’s update to learn about other recent changes.


The first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve totally redesigned our home page!  It’s now totally responsive , available in English and Spanish,  and provides detailed information about the app, features and pricing. Continue reading

9 ways to get the most out of email marketing campaigns

Email marketing puzzle piece

Photo credit: Maria Elena

Whatever your marketing goal, emails drive traffic and quickly enable you to better reach your target audience. In fact, 23% of companies’ total sales were attributed to email marketing last year, according to the 2014 Email Marketing Industry Census, clearly demonstrating that email is more than holding its own in the marketing arena.

Not convinced? Then check out the stats below and follow this 9-step guide to harness the powers of email marketing:

1. Plan wisely

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Online surveys have clearly gone mobile


There is a good chance that you are reading this blog on a crowded metro, in the back of a car, surreptitiously under the table at a long meeting in work, or even while browsing different sites on your laptop! If you are designing a survey this is great news for you. It means that you have a lot more opportunities to reach your audience. Mobile device use in survey completion has risen dramatically in the last few years and shows no sign of going away. It’s also something to think about in terms of when and how you send the invitations your surveys.

First, let’s talk about when

One of the most useful people you can ask for insights into survey design is yourself. Think about when you use your phone, and when you see other people using their phones. During the commute? Well that is a perfect time to send out invitations or reminders. Every big media organization times their tweets carefully in order to take advantage of this phenomenon and you should be no different.

Now let’s talk about how

The medium you send out your invitation will affect the way people choose to respond to your survey. Put simply, if you send an email people are more likely to complete the survey on their computer and if you send a text message people are more likely to complete the survey on their phones.

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