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No one else comes close

At Spotahome we’ve tried other tools to create customer satisfaction surveys, but we received very few responses. With Innubu we’ve had lot of success using sweepstakes to incentivize our tenants to respond. That has had a huge impact. Thanks to that, we have optimized our property checking process and this has allowed us to increase our tenants’ satisfaction ratio by 20%. Thanks Innubu!

Alex ArtachoCEO & Co-founder, SPOTAHOME

If that’s not enough, we have affordable premium plans for you

$5 /month$9 /month
Create unlimited number of surveys
Add unlimited number of questions
Get unlimited number of responses
Upload your logo
Add sweepstakes to your surveys
Viral shareable surveys
Mobile optimized surveys
Download full list of respondents contact details
Number of accounts1 user1 user2 users
Filter results by channels (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, email, ...)
Filter results by questions & answers
Segment and download filtered lists of respondents contact details
Get a private, custom URL
Remove Innubu logo
Survey design and creation services
Results analytics services
Personalized PDF reporting
Database segment creation and delivery
$5 /month$9 /month

At first I wasn't sure if Innubu was what we needed. But after trying it, it was a no-brainer. Innubu is the most intuitive survey tool that I have come across. It saves us a ton of time when we need to make surveys. Everything is done super-fast. On top of that, the analysis tools offer very concise data, and the survey itself looks great. What more could we ask for?

Rachel CicuendezCommunication & marketing, TenGO!

Respondent contact details and segmentation

Innubu links feedback to real people so you can segment and download respondent contact details in order to communicate with them quickly and simply

Real-time results with advanced filters

Obtain the insights you need to make the best business decisions by filtering and segmenting the results of your survey in real time. You can filter by any of the questions and answer fields you included in your survey

A private, custom URL

Customize the URL used to link to your survey. Instead of "innubu.com", you can put your own domain in the URL in the following format: yourbrand.customerinsights.io

Fully branded surveys without the Innubu logo

Totally customize your survey by eliminating the Innubu logo. This way the survey will only be associated with your own brand

Innubu is by far the best survey tool that I’ve used! I have tried others but none of them offer the support that Innubu does. The user experience is what I like most. It's a tool that is comfortable, easy, and fast to use -- without complications. I don't have to worry about a thousand configurations or see several tutorials to learn how to use it. I can concentrate on the content. If you need to put together a campaign quickly, with Innubu you can do it in minutes.

Ronald MartinezDigital Development Specialist, ZED

Pricing FAQ

Do I need to provide my credit card information to signup and use Innubu?

No, you don't. You can sign up and use Innubu for free forever if you wish. You never need to provide any payment information to use our Free plan

That means there is not a free trial period?

Exactly, we don’t offer a free trial period because our Free surveys are and will be always free.

Can I create as many Free surveys as I want?

Yes, you can. There are no limits with the Free surveys.

What is included in a Free survey?

With a Free survey you can:

  • Add unlimited number of questions to your survey
  • Get an unlimited number of responses
  • Organize a sweepstakes to incentivize your target audience to answer the survey
  • Add your brand logo to the header of the survey
  • View your survey on any device
  • See the analytics of the results of your survey

What is included in a PRO survey?

With a PRO survey you can do everything you can with the Free survey plus:

  • Remove the Innubu logo from the footer of the survey
  • Get a custom URL with the following format: yourbrand.customerinsights.io
  • Segment the results of the survey using the answers so you can identify patterns and demographic trends in your survey results
  • Segment respondents contact details based on the answers they give
  • Download the full list of respondent contact details or segmented lists

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.