Get up to 10 times more responses by adding a sweepstakes to your survey

A little incentive goes a long way in making your survey attractive to the right people

At first I wasn't sure if Innubu was what we needed. But after trying it, it was a no-brainer. Innubu is the most intuitive survey tool that I have come across. It saves us a ton of time when we need to make surveys. Everything is done super-fast. On top of that, the analysis tools offer very concise data, and the survey itself looks great. What more could we ask for?

Rachel CicuendezCommunication & marketing, TenGO!

Easily organize sweepstakes among your survey respondents

A built-in sweepstakes feature allows you to add a contest in a few clicks. Effortlessly manage your sweepstakes from the Innubu dashboard.

Create a custom sweepstakes screen to get respondents excited to give their feedback

This sweepstakes screen is a chance for you to showcase the prize, and get people interested in your survey, and your brand.

No terms and conditions? No problem

Just plug in your company’s information, and we’ll generate a standard set of terms for your contest. Of course, you can always write your own if you prefer.

Automatic fraud control

Nobody likes cheaters. We make sure that no one can enter your survey more than once from the same computer or IP address, keeping things fair for everyone who participates.

Run your sweepstakes with just one click

Time to choose a winner? Use our randomizer to choose the lucky person and send them a notification in just one click. With Innubu, your sweepstakes practically runs itself!